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Using the Command Line Tool

Getting started with the CLI tool. This notebook also moonlights as an integration test, as actually runs the example commands.

!notoma --help
Usage: notoma [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Build your staticg gen blog with Notion. Notoma converts Notion database
  of blog posts into a directory of .md files.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  convert  Convert Notion Blog to Markdown files.
  new      Create a new Notion Blog
  version  Print Notoma version.
  watch    Watch for updates in the Notion Blog and update the Markdown...


Converts the Notion blog database to a bunch of markdown files in a specified directory.

!notoma convert --help
Usage: notoma convert [OPTIONS]

  Convert Notion Blog to Markdown files.

  -f, --from TEXT      Notion blog URL
  -d, --dest PATH      Directory to put posts into.  [required]
  --drafts PATH        Directory for draft posts. Drafts won't be imported if
                       this is left blank.

  -t, --token_v2 TEXT  Notion auth token from the cookie.
  --verbose            Verbose output.
  --debug              Enable debug output.
  --help               Show this message and exit.

Despite --from and --token_v2 options are not requreired in the CI help output, you must provide them in the command line, or in the .env config file.

If you try running notoma convert without providing them, notoma will fail with an error message asking for these options.


Not available yet.


Not available yet.